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100 Happy Days

5 Feb

I came across this website called yesterday. It has started 100 happy days challenge that asks you to log what made you happy every day for next 100 days. Simple, isn’t it? Well not for everyone. We human beings have tangled our lives so much that even a tiny issue makes us worrisome and we forget to appreciate good things in life. And let’s admit no can remain happy 100 days in a row without fail, this is sort of challenging.

So here I am going to log whatever things/situations make me happy, make me feel good about myself or life generally over the course of next 100 days. Not only it will help me look for and focus on the happiness and positivity in the life rather than focusing on problems, it will be amazing to read all the logs after 100 days and figure out what tiny-miny things mattered. 🙂 #100HappyDays


Are you taking up the challenge?