…. that don’t exist in your world, but they sure as hell exist in mine:

  1. If you don’t know something, Google search is free. Help yourself rather than jumping out of your seat & asking the first person you bump into.
  2. If you are repeatedly asking the same question after every few days, don’t expect me to be polite.
  3. Don’t always try to read between the lines. The white space there is to improve readability not for your pea brain to cook up some conspiracy theory.
  4. Get over yourself. Universe is not centered on you. And it will never be.
  5. I don’t have all the answers/suggestions in the world; I wasn’t born with an encyclopedia nor am I psychology/human behavior expert.
  6. Reminding you about your tasks & responsibilities is NOT my responsibility.
  7. Act your age! If you have forgotten your age, thanks to the illusionary world you live in, pick up your high school certificate or ask your mom.
  8. What I am reading on my computer screen is none of your goddamn business. Don’t poke your nose into everything I do.
  9. If I didn’t pay attention to you while responding to your routine hi/hello/good morning, chances are I never will. Leave me alone.
  10. Appreciation sounds nice only when it comes from the other side & without asking for it, not when you initiate it.
  11. And every “thank you” by your client (read US client) is not an appreciation. Americans are way more polite than we Indians.

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