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Weird phase

19 Oct

I am turning into some kind of a snob these days. Almost every other thing irritates me, I find most of the people idiot & dumb (ya ya, I know I am no Sheldon: P). Sometime I get so furious that I feel like smashing things.

Then later when I cool off & retrospect, I feel that all my irritation was unnecessary. I have no control over how people behave & think. And it shouldn’t be any of my business. But it affects me. It shouldn’t. I should laugh it off and ignore.

I was never a snob, neither I want to act like one. I need to control my reaction to things & situation I have no control over. Or simply shut my emotional side for everyone & everything. Both are not easy & the second option is a bit extreme. I can’t be indifferent to everything & every one; at least not to the people I care.

God please help me to get through this weird phase.