Resolution 2012

Resolutions!! So finally I could gather the courage to pen them down for the year 2012. I think the toughest part about the resolutions is agreeing to accept that you have certain resolutions. Atleast, for me it was. πŸ˜› Because once I list them down, my subconscious mind will constantly remind me about them. It’s not that I am running away from hard work or efforts, I think it’s just this initial block only that I was running away from.

So, here I am, listing down all my resolutions, with deadlines(coz vague resolutions and one without due dates are weak to begin with) –

1. Learn Javaby Dec 2012 ( ya I know it is vague, I will setup weekly schedule. ).

2. Refresh C++by Dec 2012 (weekly schedules to follow soon).

3. Learn SeleniumI am currently learning it and expect to get a good hold on it by March 2012.

4. Did I mention I am looking for a job? πŸ˜› No? Ok so, to get a job. There is no deadline for this, I am giving interviews these days, so lets see when the luck strikes! And btw, if anyone of you can help me at this front by references and all, you are welcome. I am in software testing, but I am also open for an entry level job in development. Drop me a comment. πŸ™‚

5. Read all the unread novels I have till August.

6. Join dance classes. In or after April.

That’s it for now, I will keep adding up or striking them up as they are accomplished.

And happy new year to all of you, may you all have a great year ahead!! πŸ™‚




3 thoughts on “Resolution 2012”

  1. Those are very long term plans ! πŸ™‚ really .. stick to something .. and avoid the thing called ‘regrets’ πŸ˜› Keep smiling πŸ™‚ all the best .. and happy new year to you too πŸ™‚

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